Your Tudor Day Kenilworth Castle

Discover the mighty palace-fortress of Kenilworth Castle. Follow in the footsteps of Elizabeth I as she visits the castle as guest of the Earl of Leicester, in 1575. This 11 page, full colour mini-guide is your ultimate guide to the perfect Tudor day out at one of the finest medieval castles in the Midlands.

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'Your Tudor Day Out ... at Kenilworth Castle' Mini-Guide


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Time -Travel just became a reality!

Your Tudor Day Kenilworth Castle

As lovers of Tudor history, visiting places associated with the period gives us a chance to connect in a completely unique way with our Tudor heroes and heroines.

Your 'Tudor Day Out ... at Kenilworth Castle' will be your personal time machine, allowing the centuries to melt away as you rediscover Kenilworth in all its sixteenth century glory. Get up close and personal with Elizabeth I as she visits Kenilworth during her historic 1575 progress, and explore the chamber block in which she was lodged for the duration of her stay, built specifically for the queen by the Earl of Leicester.

So, why not start planning your Tudor-themed day out at Kenilworth Castle by picking up a copy of your mini-guide today!


Are you ready to connect with your Tudor heroes as never before?

A Very Personal Love Affair with The Tudors...

If you are reading this, I know that you are in love with the Tudor period, and that you probably can't get enough of this most fascinating of dynasties. Believe me; I know exactly how you feel!  

I have been utterly lost in the sixteenth century; its glamour, intrigue and treachery, since I was eleven years old. It started out with an obsession with Anne Boleyn; a woman of such strength and personal courage that I have long looked to her as a source of inspiration: to be brave, bold and to be myself, no matter what others may think.  

This passion remained a very private affair though, until a visit to Hever Castle in 2010 sparked an unstoppable need to tell the story of Anne Boleyn's innocence. The detailed research I conducted while writing Le Temps Viendra: a Novel of Anne Boleyn took me deep into understanding that my love of visiting buildings with strong ties to the Tudor era was an unconscious desire to connect as deeply as possible with my Tudor heroes and heroines.  

I began to see that by being in a physical location, only time and not space, separated me from the people and events of the era. Often, there was a strong energetic presence, that I could almost reach out and touch. As a result, I understood more about the lives of the people that so intrigued me - sometimes it was as if I was seeing them through new eyes.  

Since then, I have researched and written extensively about Tudor locations, specialising in recreating places as they would have been during the sixteenth century, both in the blog, and in two books co-authored with my Tudor co-conspirator, Natalie Grueninger: In the Footsteps of Anne Boleyn and In the Footsteps of the Six Wives of Henry VIII. Today, alongside Natalie, I may well have written more about the places associated with Henry VIII and his wives than anybody else alive!  

It is my passion to share this time machine with you, so that you too can enjoy experiencing your Tudor history afresh, and make new and deeper connections with the Tudor characters you most admire during your own Tudor adventures.

All about 'Your Tudor Day Out' Guide - giving you more than your average guide book

Your Tudor Day Kenilworth Castle
  • Be part of Elizabeth I's arrival at Kenilworth in the summer of 1575; follow the queen from her arrival at the castle's outer gatehouse, as she makes her way in splendour to her privy lodgings. 
  • With a focus on the layout and appearance of the castle during the Tudor period, you can relax, knowing that everything you need to know relating to Tudor Kenilworth is at your fingertips.
  • Includes top tips on how to make the most of your visit; including links to visitor information about Kenilworth and suggestions of other nearby historic locations to visit.
  • Includes personal recommendations for places to eat - taking the guess work out of the day.
  • Hassle-free: everything a Tudorphile needs to know about visiting Kenilworth Castle in one place.
  • 11 page, full-colour guide, including beautiful colour illustrations.

What people are saying...

The layout of the mini-guide is excellent. The text itself is both a narrative of the event and descriptive of the building. It really does take you back to Elizabeth's progress - so much so that it is easy to believe that we are actually there!!!  

To be honest, we went to an event which was a recreation of the progress by Elizabeth I, but the description in the guide was even more atmospheric! We are living history people and have stayed at Kenilworth, so know that there is more to a visit than bricks and mortar (and crenellations)!  

We look forward to taking it with us next time we visit the castle.

- Julian and Valerie Rutherford

This guide brings Tudor history to life at Kenilworth Castle! I was enchanted by the tale of an actual eyewitness to the visit by Elizabeth I.  

Hear his account of her arrival and of what 16th Century Kenilworth was really like, from staircase to stained glass. I felt one breath away from the smoke of the fireplaces.  

Then use the tips for the local area to find a dog-friendly path or a bite to eat. 

It's a perfect day out for the adventurous history lover!

- Stephanie John

The mini guides are an excellent companion for your visit to your Tudor venue of choice. 

There is excellent historical background to the venue, very informative and interesting - you will learn a lot. Seeing the location as it was in Tudor times was fascinating and piques your imagination. The guide also details what is there to be seen today, making your visit even more interesting. 

These guide are invaluable for your visit and the historical background alone is worth the purchase price.  

- Ian Bird