A Tudor Weekend Away in London

Indulge in your own perfect Tudor-themed Christmas weekend away in one of the most historic cities in the world! This 25-page, full colour mini-guide is your ultimate guide to the perfect Tudor weekend away.

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Your Guide to 'A Tudor Weekend Away ... in London - Christmas Edition'

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A Tudor Weekend Away in London

The Tudor Travel Guide's 'A Tudor Weekend Away ... in London - Christmas Edition' is your visitors' companion to your perfect, Tudor-themed, weekend break - with a fabulous Tudor twist!

'Your Tudor Weekend Away ... in London - Christmas Edition' will be your personal time machine, allowing the centuries to melt away as you rediscover 3 amazing, historic sites in the capital: Hampton Court Palace, the jewel in Henry VIII's crown; Charterhouse Square & The Charterhouse, one of the most fashionable areas in Tudor London, plus the incredible Church of St Bartholomew the Great in Smithfield, a veritable gem, and well off the usual tourist trail . As this is the festive season, expect a glittering Christmas twist! There are services at St Bartholomew the Great, an ice-rink at Hampton Court Palace and a festive fair at Kingston, just a mile downstream from Hampton Court.

Start planning an immersive weekend full of Tudor-themed, sparkling Christmas fun!

About 'A Tudor Weekend Away ... in London - Christmas Edition' - giving you more than your average guide book

As fellow Tudor time-travellers, we all know how challenging it can be to plan your perfect Tudor-themed, weekend adventure, especially if you are visiting from afar. It is difficult to know where to stay and what places to visit and even easier to miss out on all those little details that can really bring a place to life. Have you ever wished that someone would just come along and take all the guesswork away? 

Believe me, I know just how you feel! Before I started researching, and writing, about Tudor history, I would spend countless happy hours visiting many beautiful Tudor locations. Sometimes, I might buy a guide book at the property, sometimes not; whichever way though, I now know that I was missing out on so much learning and fun because I didn’t understand how the building was used, or the guide book did not give enough specific Tudor detail connecting the place with people and events. 

The ‘A Tudor Weekend Away’ series is the perfect antidote to all that, creating a hassle-free itinerary for your perfect Tudor-themed weekend away. ‘A Tudor Weekend Away … in London’ is the second in the series - and this time there is a Christmas twist!  

London is an amazing place to visit with some fabulous Tudor sites. On this occasion, we are focusing on three of them: Hampton Court Palace, Charterhouse Square, and the incredibly beautiful Church of St Bartholomew the Great …. and, as it is Christmas, there’s an extra treat! 

The brochure contains ideas on how to combine your love of the Tudors with some wonderful Christmas-tide activities; an ice-rink at Hampton Court, Christmas services at St Bartholomew’s or the choice of two, traditional Christmas fairs. 

All the locations selected have a rich Tudor history in which you can lose yourself for an entire weekend. At the same time, there is an historic walk included along the River Thames, adjacent to Hampton Court Palace, and two accommodation options to choose from.  

'A Tudor Weekend Away ... in London' offers a no-hassle package of loads of Tudor fun that can be fitted easily into a long-weekend away. It's your ultimate guide ot your perfect Tudor weekend away. Pick up your copy now! 


What people are saying

If you’re planning to visit London this festive season, there’s no better guide than ‘A Tudor Weekend Away… the Christmas Edition’...

In this expertly crafted Tudor trail, the hard work has definitely been taken care of, leaving you more time to explore London’s Tudor delights and bask in the city’s glittering Christmas spirit.

- Natalie Grueneninger, On the Tudor Trail

I seriously won't go to London again without my Tudor Travel Guide in hand!...

This was so much fun to read and well written, too. I've been to London as a typical tourist but now want to go back and tour these Tudor treasures, since I'm a savvy Tudor (wannabe) traveller now. 

This guide does a good job explaining the big picture and then providing one interesting titbit after another. I love learning about offbeat tours and places where you're less likely to be part of a herd and can therefore linger and observe. Okay, yes, by "linger and observe" I mean "hover and obsess!"

- Coco

A Great Read. Highly Recommended!...

Once again, the Tudor Travel Guide has transported me back to Tudor London, and at Christmas, too! From Hampton Court to the Church of St. Bartholomew the Great, Sarah takes us through highlights, mixing storytelling with history. 

- Heather Teysko, English Renaissance Podcast