In the Footsteps of Anne Boleyn

In the Footsteps of Anne Boleyn 

by Sarah Morris and Natalie Grueninger

If you love Anne Boleyn this book is a MUST for your collection! Whether read from the comfort of your armchair, or taken with you on a Tudor road trip, you will be transported back in time, following Anne from cradle to grave via a comprehensive collection of house, manors, castles and palaces which Henry VIII's famous wife visited or called home. A unique and original book, essential for anyone passionate about Anne Boleyn.


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About 'In the Footsteps of Anne Boleyn'

Are you fascinated by Anne Boleyn? Then you will want to learn as much as you can about her tumultuous life - and get as close as possible to this iconic, Tudor queen. Believe me, I understand how you feel! Having spent countless hours researching, and writing about, Anne's life for other projects, Natalie and I realised that there was one way to get up close and personal to the woman who had beguiled a king and changed the course of English history.

We realised that by following in Anne's footsteps from cradle to grave, and recreating the places she visited and called home, we could see her life afreash, with new eyes; events could be put in the context of the place they occured - and even better than that, we were able to visit these places! It is the closest thing you can get to a time machine.

We know through personal experience that by visiting these locations, it is time alone - and not space - which separates us from those who have gone before. Sometimes it is tangible, as if their energy still remains as part of the fabric of the building.

And so we invite you to follow in Anne's footsteps, as she embarks on an historic journey from her first steps at Blickling to the scaffold in The Tower of London. This is truly a unique book in which you will see Anne's life from an entirely new perspective. Be prepared for an adventure of a lifetime!



On the morning of the 19 May 1536, a French sword stilled the heart of an English queen. Her name was Anne Boleyn and her story has made an indelible mark on history. This book will take you through stately homes, castles, chapels and artefacts with a connection to Anne.

Explore Hever Castle, Anne's childhood home, where two breathtaking Books of Hours, both signed and inscribed by Anne Boleyn herself, are housed; visit Thornbury Castle where Henry VIII and Anne stayed during their 1535 royal progress and see the octagonal bedchamber where they slept; stand in the very room in Windsor Castle where Anne was made Marquis of Pembroke.

Each location is covered by an accessible and informative narrative which unearths the untold stories and documents the artefacts.

Accompanied by an extensive range of images, including photographs, floor plans and sketches, this book brings the sixteenth century vivdly to life - and takes you on your own personal and compelling journey in the footsteps of Anne Boleyn.


What People Are Saying...

This book is absolutely fantastic, it will really take you as far into the world of Anne Boleyn as you are ever going to get...

Here you learn about every Palace, Castle, Stately home, Church, Abbey etc that Anne ever visited, and with as much information as possible. Many places do not survive and have been long forgotten, but this book will really bring them back to life. 

It is perfect not just for those fascinated by Anne Boleyn and Tudor history in general, but also for those who love architectural history as well. I personally cannot wait to go exploring all these fascinating places now, and to walk in the footsteps of Anne and the Tudor court.

- James (via Amazon)

I can not praise this book enough, I am sure it will bring pleasure to all that read it...Timeless

A new and original insight into one of Britain's most iconic and controversial women...The quality of the content, the captive and descriptive writings, and the prints/photographs could not have been better.

The sheer hard work, time and effort Natalie and Sarah put into this book shine through, as do their love, dedication and in-depth knowledge of the subject.  

Now I'm off on the journeys of Anne Boleyn again, by reading it for the second time!!  

- 'Dragonfly' (via Amazon)

This is a book I can read time and time again and still love it!...

I have been looking forward to this book since I was first able to pre order it and heard about it on the author's Facebook page. I'm not disappointed! 

A brilliant and extremely interesting aspect to Anne Boleyn and her life. The pictures are really good and its such an interesting read! 

 A big thank you to the authors!

- Mrs Rosalind A. Brennan (via Amazon)