Tudor Travel Guide

Indulge in your own perfect Tudor-themed weekend away in the wonderful and historic county of Suffolk! This 25-page, full colour mini-guide is your ultimate companion to a fun-packed, fact-filled weekend adventure exploring 3 amazing locations, steeped in Tudor history: Framlingham Castle, Bury St Edmunds and Kentwell.

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'Your Tudor Weekend Away ... in Suffolk


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Time travel just became a reality!

Tudor Travel Guide

As lovers of Tudor history, visiting places associated with the period gives us a chance to connect in a completely unique way with our Tudor heroes and heroines.

'Your Tudor Weekend Away ... in Suffolk' will be your personal time machine, allowing the centuries to melt away as you rediscover 3 amazing, historic sites in this beautiful county: Framlingham Castle and its association with Mary I; Bury St Edmunds, with its ruined abbey and close ties with Mary Tudor, the sister of Henry VIII, and finally, Kentwell in Long Melford, where authentic re-enactment allows you to get as close to what it was like to live like a Tudor as you will find anywhere in the world!

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Are you ready to connect with your Tudor heroes as never before?

A Very Personal Love Affair with The Tudors...

If you are reading this, I know that you are in love with the Tudor period, and that you probably can't get enough of this most fascinating of dynasties. Believe me; I know exactly how you feel! I have been utterly lost in the sixteenth century; its glamour, intrigue and treachery, since I was eleven years old. It started out with an obsession with Anne Boleyn; a woman of such strength and personal courage that I have long looked to her as a source of inspiration: to be brave, bold and to be myself, no matter what others may think. This passion remained a very private affair though, until a visit to Hever Castle in 2010 sparked an unstoppable need to tell the story of Anne Boleyn's innocence. The detailed research I conducted while writing Le Temps Viendra: a Novel of Anne Boleyn took me deep into understanding that my love of visiting buildings with strong ties to the Tudor era was an unconscious desire to connect as deeply as possible with my Tudor heroes and heroines. I began to see that by being in a physical location, only time and not space, separated me from the people and events of the era. Often, there was a strong energetic presence, that I could almost reach out and touch. As a result, I understood more about the lives of the people that so intrigued me - sometimes it was as if I was seeing them through new eyes. Since then, I have researched and written extensively about Tudor locations, specialising in recreating places as they would have been during the sixteenth century, both in the blog, and in two books co-authored with my Tudor co-conspirator, Natalie Grueninger: In the Footsteps of Anne Boleyn and In the Footsteps of the Six Wives of Henry VIII. Today, alongside Natalie, I may well have written more about the places associated with Henry VIII and his wives than anybody else alive! It is my passion to share this time machine with you, so that you too can enjoy experiencing your Tudor history afresh, and make new and deeper connections with the Tudor characters you most admire during your own Tudor adventures.

All about 'Your Tudor Weekend Away' Guide - giving you more than your average guidebook

Tudor Travel Guide
  • Learn about the history of Framlingham Castle, as well as the role it played in a pivotal moment in the life of Mary I. Recreate how the castle looked during the sixteenth century; pinpoint the chamber block where Mary would have lodged during her stay at the castle and the chapel in which a Te Deum was sung to celebrate her accession in July 1553.
  • Explore the now ruined Abbey of St Edmundsbury and its close ties with Mary Tudor, Duchess of Suffolk and Queen of France. Follow in the footsteps of Mary's funeral cortege as it arrived at the abbey for her burial. 
  • Includes a link to a private video illustrating the the story of Mary Tudor's burial at St Edmundsbury Abbey, exclusive to this mini-guide.
  • Immerse yourself in Tudor Kentwell, and get a taste of what is on offer during the annual Tudor re-enactments as we meet members of the Clopton family, their servants and visiting tradesfolk.
  • Includes top tips on how to make the most of your visit; including suggestions and links to additional visitor information and an historic walk around the mere at Framlingham Castle.
  • Two hand-picked, historic accommodation recommendations.
  • Hassle-free: a ready-made, hand-picked selection of both well-known and lesser known locations to make up a thoroughly fascinating Tudor weekend away in Suffolk.
  • 25 page, full-colour guide, including beautiful colour illustrations.

What people are saying...

A Tudor Weekend Away … in Suffolk is a really excellent, thorough and useful guide.  

You can easily plan a whole weekend itinerary, without having to cross-reference lots of different books. Sarah Morris has an infectious enthusiasm for Tudor history, encouraging you to seek out the little-known gems of history that otherwise most of us would miss – so you can almost step back in time.  

I love that the guide includes up-to-date visitor information, along with suggestions for where to stay and local walks. Best of all, I can just have the guide on my phone, so it’s easily accessible and one less thing to carry. She’s thought of everything!

- C. Cole

This guide was so much more than I ever expected! Not only is this guide lovely to look at, it is beaming with information and historical facts.  

As a history buff, fascinated with the Tudor era, I learned so many things I was unaware of about the lives, homes and times of the principal Tudor players visited in the guide.

Included are not only facts and important information that makes your Tudor weekend away more well rounded, but author Sarah Morris shares beautiful photography, internet links to more online information, a walking guide and tips for accommodations, travel and more! 

You truly must see the guide for yourself, and I know you will be quick to plan a trip to Suffolk, Framlington and Kent. The Tudor Travel Guide makes planning a trip easy so you can soak in every minute of castle and court!

- Penny Dinterman

I think these guides are fantastic! Bright, colourful, easy to read. I love how by reading them you can transport yourself back and imagine yourself amongst the Tudor court. 

I enjoyed being able to walk myself through their footsteps with the help of the travel guide instead of just being presented with “these are the facts”. 

The guides very interesting to read even though I wasn’t actually at the locations, it soooo makes me want to visit them when I travel to England again. My favourite part of guides though is that you have provided helpful hints at the end. 

- Joyce Gibbons